Act II: Week 1- preparing the script

This week we did not get to meet with our group yet. Instead we worked on finishing the script. We are trying to have it finished by Monday so that we can ask Professor Bezio in class to print it so that we me have it on Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s first meeting. Although we don’t plan to run lines during our first meeting, we plan to mainly work on getting-to-know-you exercises as well as improv exercises to get the kids excited about acting. Aleeza also had the idea for them to read different lines in different emotions/situations as a means to loosen them up and get them familiar with the script. I suggested we play the game hitchhiker which was a theater game one of my acting camps used to play. The game involves 4 chairs, three people are sitting in a car. The three people all have one quality and they have a destination. For example, nuns on their way to a wrestling match. The 4th person, the hitchhiker, get’s picked up during their improve. The hitchhiker has a quality that the other people adopt as the car ride progress. For example the hitchhiker has a fear of the walls closing in on him/her and so the nuns start to adopt this fear and forget their previous excitement of traveling to the wrestling match. It was a very fun game and really helped my theater friends and I develop our improv abilities. That being said, I used to do a lot of plays and musicals in high school and I am excited to help put on a production in a leadership position. I have choreographed dances before but I have not directed action/dialogue before, so I am looking forward to learning more about that aspect. Also, on a side note, there are a lot of bad things going on in our world as seen in the media and social platforms, so I hope this play can be used as a coping mechanism/distraction for those involved. As seen in Shakespeare Behind Bars, perhaps this play can help the children address things in their own lives, maybe not to the same degree, but hopefully it will cause them to think about their own lives in some way, shape or form.