Act 1, September 22nd

Our first meeting at HA- Henderson is not until the following week on September 29th, so this week acted as a time for us to prepare for our first meeting. Since we have the first act, which is historically the longest act in Shakespeare’s plays, we really directed our focus this week on cutting down the act to around fifteen minutes.┬áIt was incredibly difficult to determine what parts of the act to keep in order to maintain the main themes of the act while cutting it a lot shorter. Once we had it initially cut down, we decided to read through the entire act to ensure that it was under fifteen minutes. Unfortunately the act was a little longer than we expected so we had to do some more cutting until we believed it would finally satisfy the time limit.

Next week, when we meet with the Henderson kids, we plan to just introduce ourselves as well as the play and the act we are focusing on. We don’t want to jump right into starting lines but rather want to start with a few improv games as well as maybe the name game. With our act cut down and our plans set, I am excited to get rolling with this project next week.

Page Soper