The University of Richmond automatically assigns each student a unique email address, but don’t feel obligated to keep it. Typically, the email address includes your first and last name with some combination of numbers. But there are many reasons you may want to change that up. Maybe you got married or got divorced and have changed your name. Or maybe you would like to change your name to more accurately express your identity during a gender transition. Or maybe you’re a “Kate,” and no one ever calls you “Katherine.” For any reason, you can request to change your UR email address to your legal or preferred name!

It is an easy process:

To request an email address change, students should submit a ticket on with their request, or contact the Help Desk directly (, 804-287-6400).

To change your legal or preferred name with the Registrar’s Office, visit Name Changes for Current Students, or contact the Registrar’s Office (

You may need to do this second step to change your Microsoft Outlook username (which appears in outgoing messages) after you change your email address.



Change your email address, change your world

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