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While we may still be in the depths of winter, people are already looking forward to summer, and in particular to the summer bar prep season. People are wondering if they will be able to study in the library this summer.  And like all good law school answers, the answer is it depends. Much of what the answers depend on are things that can’t be answered with any certainty right now. Both the first and second floors of the library, the portions which contain the book stacks, are scheduled to undergo a major renovation this summer.  Construction schedules, however,  can change due to things beyond the construction company’s  control. And while we don’t expect the University to limit campus access as they did last summer, we haven’t had that confirmed.  As we get more information, we’ll update you on the situation.

Here is what we know for sure right now:

Library Hours:  The law library will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.  Boatwright Memorial Library will maintain normal summer hours and will be open evenings and weekends.

Carrels: Students will have to vacate their carrels by Friday, May 6th.  Construction is due to begin on Monday, May 9th. During the renovation, the carrels in the stacks area of the first and second floor will be removed.  The library will not be able to store or ship to students materials left in the carrels.

Can I study for the bar in the library?: While theoretically you could come to the library to study, construction will be going on either right over your head or right beside you. As far as we know students will be able to access campus throughout the summer so if you want to come in we aren’t going to ban you.

Can I study for the bar anywhere in the law school?:  Yes, you can.  All of the classrooms will be open and you are free to use them until the campus police lock the building for the night. Typically this happens at midnight.  In addition, Dean Sklut is setting up space in room 114 and the Davis room especially for bar study. But, please remember other areas of the law school will be under construction this summer aside from the library.

If I can’t study on campus, where can I go?  My home is to noisy/distracting, etc.:  The library is compiling a list of the local public libraries within a 10 mile radius of campus.  This information will be provided to the bar prep classes or you can pick up a copy at the library’s circulation desk.

What we don’t know for sure right now:

I have a job in Richmond this summer, will I be able to come to the library to do research?: If you want to do Virginia research, yes, you can do that here this summer.  Due to the renovation, the books on the 1st and 2d floors will have to be relocated.  We aren’t sure at this time where they will be.

Check this space often as the semester winds down.  As we get more information, we’ll let you know what to expect.

LIBRARY RENOVATION – Summer is Under Construction

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