Your fellow law students want to hear from you.

As part of the Muse Law Library’s continuing effort to engage with our student community, MuseNews will now regularly feature select student-authored posts. This new segment of the MuseNews blog will be called the “Student Services Corner,” a title you may also have noticed in our monthly Museletter. So not only will your submissions be published on the blog, but they may also be selected for inclusion in the Museletter as well! Not to mention that writing a published guest blog post for the Library is a great bullet-point on a resume!

The Student Services Corner is your chance to speak to the entire law school student body at once. Posts can relate to your experiences in the Library or in law school in general. Or you may want to share with other students your tips and tricks for exam week, summer internships, or using Westlaw and Lexis. You may also want to discuss how current events are affecting you. The choice of topic is yours. This is your space to express yourself.

If you have an idea, but need some guidance on how to write it up, Research & Student Services Librarian Alex Clay Hutchings will be happy to help you brainstorm or draft your post.

To become part of the conversation, email Prof. Hutchings at We hope to hear from you soon.

Students! Have Your Voice Heard and Write for the MuseNews Blog

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