Federal Rules of Evidence Book Cover

At some point during law school, nearly every student has to consult the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Just last month, somebody updated them to make them more practical, easy to read and .. well, just more useful.  Designer Jessica Gore, who maintains the website IP Illu§trated, just published a new version of the F.R.E. with examples shown here:

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The beauty of the F.R.E. is that it is actually FREE to download.  Get the current version directly from U.S. Courts website. Alternatively, you can read the evidence rules directly on a site like Cornell’s Legal Information Institute. Michigan Legal Publishing also sells a version of the F.R.E. with cross-references. If you want one that’s easy on the eyes, easy (or at least easier) to navigate and just feels somehow “more modern” – check out the newly-envisioned Federal Rules of Evidence, designed by Jessica Gore and published by Castleberry Publishing.

Rules of Evidence made easier … to read

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