Reflections Following Memorial Day 2017

Visitors to Arlington National Cemetery typically focus on the tomb of the unknowns and the Kennedy graves. But off the main path, at the top of a hill, behind the nurse’s memorial, you will find the grave of Chief Justice Earl Warren, located next to his former colleague, Arthur Goldberg. Inscribed on the back of Justice’s Warren’s tombstone is the following:

“Where there is injustice, we should correct it; where there is poverty, we should eliminate it; where there is corruption, we should stamp it out; where there is violence, we should punish it; where there is neglect, we should provide care; where there is war, we should restore peace; and wherever corrections are achieved, we should add them permanently to our storehouse of treasures.”

Like so many of women and men buried at Arlington, Earl Warren strove to make the world better. We should celebrate their endeavors, forgive them their errors, and hold permanently their memories in our storehouse of treasures.