From the Winter 2017 issue of  Richmond Law Magazine

“Why Law Matters” is this year’s theme of the Association of American Law Schools, and it is a subject on which I have been reflecting recently. Law is the invisible infrastructure that holds society together, and lawyers are the architects and engineers of that structure. At a personal level, I am proud to be a lawyer and proud, as well, to be associated with the enterprise of educating the next generation of lawyers.

Here at the University of Richmond School of Law, we educate that next great generation of lawyers who will make a difference and support our greater system of justice. Earlier this year, our students took part in our first-ever Celebrate Civic Engagement Week. They engaged in open forums and conversations on public policy; explored careers in the public sector; discussed inclusivity inside and outside the walls of the law school; and participated in outreach projects to benefit our community.

What’s exciting to me is that these activities aren’t limited to a weeklong celebration. Throughout the year, I see our students engaging in the world around them in thoughtful and substantive ways, from organizing panel discussions on timely social topics to organizing pro bono opportunities to serve those in need. At Richmond Law, our students become more than profession-ready; they become world-ready. I take great pride in that knowledge, and I hope you do, too.