Wrapping up the summer

This summer experience has been unlike any other not only because I was doing work I am passionate about but also because of the state of the world. COVID-19 along with the racial injustice and unrest on the global level, this summer has challenged everyone’s adaptability. Learning to navigate zoom and creating a space to be productive at home has been difficult. Paired with such an impersonal work environment, completing this summer experience is a huge accomplishment. Interning with the Ethiopian Community Development Council has shown me the impact I can have as an individual. Having the opportunity to write grants and see directly where the funding is going showed me the fruits of my hard work. Seeing this has only motivated my passion for non-profit work in the public sector. This internship was very special to me as well because I was able to help a community that I related to directly, and giving back during this pandemic has definitely kept may mental health stable.  Although it has been difficult to pinpoint theories and visualize the way they were present in my summer experience due to the lack of an actual office, I have seen the importance of leadership in any setting.  Being able to lead a group of individuals effectively in such during such a chaotic time is real time leadership in action. Throughout my experience, I was able to apply my knowledge from my leadership courses. This gives me a sense of confidence as I venture into post-graduate life in the amid a global pandemic.