Transformational Leadership at Cavi Consulting

Throughout the start of my internship it has become clear that my boss at work is a transformational leader. Although it has only been a couple weeks, my internship with Cavi Consulting has been structured for our boss to serve as a mentor towards developing our skills and outlooks in the professional workforce. By looking at the 4 I’s of transformational leadership, it becomes even more apparent how my internship with Cavi has demonstrated transformational leadership. My boss is a day and night worker, he is passionate and committed to pushing forward the goals he has set for his company which rubs off on all of us. This type of idealized influence has benefitted me because it pushes me to work harder and more effectively when I see him working in ways that promote true and honest work efforts. My boss also demonstrates the individualized consideration that a transformational leader represents. For each of the interns, Cavi has set up a mentorship program where we schedule a zoom call or phone call with one of the full time employees to talk strictly about career and professional development. This is a very individualized way to feel thought of within the internship program as a whole, while also receiving valuable and relatable career advice. Another one of the 4 I’s of transformational leadership that is displayed well by my boss as a part of my internship is intellectual stimulation. The knowledge required for this internship so far has certainly been an ongoing learning point. Onboarding with the systems that Cavi uses has been somewhat of an easy process, but learning their languages and expertises related to process consulting has been more of a challenge. As a part of this process, my boss has made himself readily available to go over any projects that we are doing and ask whatever questions we see fit. This has resulted in the ability for myself and other interns to keep up with some of the more complicated topics and projects. As a whole, the cumulation of these features of a transformational leader have become clear and my boss at work has been a great leader to start this internship.