Solving Problems/Improving Leadership at Cavi Consulting

As a part of my internship with Cavi Consulting so far this summer, I have been able to get to know the small team of full time employees as well as the group of summer interns that are working with me this summer. One of the problems that I think Cavi faces that may be a result of misperceptions or mistakes in leadership is the overall sense of team within this group of people. As mentioned in a previous post, Cavi’s organizational structure is very unique to them. Projects are taken on individually and on your own time, and it is up to you to call for help for work on the project or to team up and do projects with others. While I feel that this style is very productive for completing work well and in a timely manner, it is having a negative impact on team cohesion and morale. As of right now, our intern team has had team training as a group, but besides that, we haven’t had a direct time to interact with each other. In a non-covid time, I would feel it to be natural to be interacting with the people I work with pretty regularly. This issue can obviously be attributed to the current status of the world during this pandemic but I still think there can be ways around this lack of team cohesion. Whether it is group calls to talk about networking or professional development, or a group happy hour type meeting on a Friday afternoon, our team could have some fun with extra interaction. This type of interaction could also lead to better work, it could make us more comfortable working with each other, and open potential doors of creating new teams within our small group. This type of meeting or interaction doesn’t have to be complicated and the results won’t be life changing, but the overall group senses could be improved if we all got to know each other a bit better. All of this being said, I think given the circumstances of the pandemic, it may be hard for the leaders of this company to clearly identify this difference, and it is also not their obligation to entertain us, but to guide us in our work and prepare us for life after graduation.