Situational Leadership at Cavi Consulting

One thing that I have admired throughout my internship experience this summer is the resilience and tenacity from the hardworking 3 man Cavi team. As soon as I started this internship it was apparent that the normal operations of this startup had been shaken up. The team was still getting used to the new technology associated with remote working, and it was clear that their schedules were a lot different from what they were used to. I learned soon that all of their work contracts of in person process consulting had been terminated and all of their revenue streams had been cut. With no clear prediction on what the future would look like, I applaud the team for responding the way they did. Throughout the summer, my two bosses have shown amazing composure, wit, creativity and tenacity with regards to forming new sources of revenue during the pandemic. Only 3-4 weeks into my internship, I was a part of a project to develop a course that the company would sell to the public. The team at Cavi realized that they had very useful information that they could teach and had been teaching over the course of the company’s existence. The creative part about this project was that we had to transform in person training and workshops into a sellable online course that people could take easily. The situational leadership at this time was apparent because of the way that my bosses adjusted their leadership style in this uncertain time. Through both the relationship side of leadership and the task oriented side of leadership the employees at Cavi Consulting had made clear adjustments to succeed. These leaders did not get down on themselves or panic that they didn’t have any money coming in, rather they were encouraging and level-headed which allowed them to come up with a smart solution to their problem. From a task oriented perspective of leadership, they were on top of their work and held each other and their teams accountable to continue to complete work at a productive rate. Given the unfortunate circumstances of this pandemic, I admire the composure of the leaders at Cavi Consulting for their positive displays of situational leadership.