Organizational Culture of AGS

Antrim Grace Solutions, otherwise known as AGS, is a boutique political consulting firm in Richmond Virginia founded by two Richmond Law graduates, Heidi Drauschak and Sam Biggio. Given the ideologies of their clients and the ideologies of the owners, AGS is a non-partisan firm, yet very progressive. This is very clear in the nature of most of the work as well as the conversations that happen amongst us during meetings, check-ins, etc. There is an expectation that the work we are assigned has some sort of passion behind it and it is done with best intentions at heart. Working day in, day out with progressive companies, campaigns, and foundations make it necessary that you have some of the same views so that the job is done successfully. Another part of AG S’s culture is its size. Since it is very small all the employees have a very close relationship and a strong sense of trust in one another. Heidi and Sam don’t bring anyone into their team that they don’t see would add any substantial change or production. This creates an environment where everyone feels like they can rely on each other to pick them up through difficulty or confusion. This also impacts the level of communication. Working with a smaller firm allows constant contact with Heidi and Sam and the highest level of feedback there is, they are very honest and helpful with their feedback and make sure we understand our tasks and that we are completing them properly. Personally, I feel this is a major advantage because there is no one in between myself and the boss of the company so it creates an environment that doesn’t feel like I am being looked down upon or that my work is meaningless. Everyone that works here has a strong relationship with owners of the company and are able to sit down with them and get advice. It also allows for quicker growth and development as you’re working directly under the top so you have more responsibilities and duties than an employee would at a larger corporation or company. Overall Sam and Heidi created an environment where employees and interns can strive to be the best version of themselves in as many roles as possible.