Personal Contributions and Making a Difference

When choosing an internship, it was important to me to be able to feel as though I could make a difference through my work rather than just making copies or getting coffee. This became especially important once COVID hit and making connections was harder than ever. At Asurest, I was happy to have opportunities to work on multiple projects over several different topics. Primarily, I wrote and created information for the Asurest website. There were multiple styles that I would create. The first of which was informative articles defining various legal documents. One of Asurest’s goals is to increase general public knowledge surrounding legal concepts that are commonly considered to be confusing. As a result, it was my job to create articles to accurately and clearly define these concepts so that Asurest clients could confidently determine their legal concerns prior to our meetings. Another style of writing that I did for the website was writing and drafting the brief statements on each page of the website in order to market our services to potential new clients. Lastly, I was able to write a manual on my approaches to these projects for any future interns at Asurest. I was excited to be trusted with this project and worked to make sure that the manual accurately represented the work expected of them as well as how to best approach it. While working on these projects I primarily agreed with the instruction and ideas that I received from my site supervisor, occasionally I would share an alternative perspective on how to best approach a project. For example, I suggested that Asurest update the manner by which they follow up with former clients in order to not only gage their satisfaction but also identify any other legal issues they might need assistance with. Specifically, I suggested a survey that included questions on our organization, management, effectiveness, cost, and more, as well as prompting clients with the opportunity to share other estate planning questions. One example of the intended response to this would be that if a client mentioned that they had a child, we could follow up with information on how Asurest can help to set up a plan for college funds. I was so thankful to be able to share these opinions and feel as though my personal contributions were genuinely appreciated by the workplace.