Task v Relationship Oriented Leadership

I believe it is important to view Avascent through the lens of both relationship and task leadership orientation. This was one of the most interesting theories for me to study during Theories and Models because of how they can work together to create the ideal working  environment  (at least in my opinion). I believe depending on which role you have in the company you have to be more task or relationship oriented, but there  are places for both to  be used  to have the best possible ending effect.


As an analyst, most of the leadership had to be task oriented as 1) I didn’t have many personal relationships with my coworkers before I began working this summer and 2) the majority of my work had deadlines and needed coaching as I was new to  the role. However, the project managers were able to use relationship orientation to make sure each analyst on their team was being communicated to appropriately and in a  way  that maximized their work flow and production. 


For me personally, having a combination of both with more emphasis on tasks leads to the most productive work environment. When I know what my tasks are and that is clearly laid out I can then focus on building relationships with the rest of the team. A benefit of being on multiple projects is that I had the opportunity to experience one project manager that was very hands off and did one check in a week and the rest of the week was very self planned. My other project manager met with my project team every other day and on off days did email check-ins to make sure  we didn’t have any  questions and that we felt confident with our work load. I would say based on those  two experiences there isn’t one overall balance that all leaders at Avascent subscribe to, since it’s very individualized and dependent on what team you are placed on. That being  said all levels of leadership seem to take feedback very seriously and are constantly working on making sure their leadership styles are effective for the group  of analysts they’re working with.