Personal Contributions: Creating A Tangible Product for Cavi Consulting

Throughout this internship, I contributed a variety of things to Cavi Consulting. I worked on three primary projects during my internship – 1) marketing the company’s online business course, 2) editing and producing the actual content for the course, and 3) managing the social media accounts for the company. When I was working on the marketing project, I was responsible for creating a marketing brief for Cavi, which included figuring out who their target demographic was, which platforms we should use when targeting advertising based on that demographic, and creating a promotional video to post on their social media. Then, I moved on to what I was doing for the majority of my time which was producing the actual video content of the business course. Since this was going to be their main source of revenue while COVID forced them to stop their consulting side of their business, they wanted these videos to be high quality. So, I worked with another intern and we further developed our knowledge of platforms like Adobe Premier Pro, Canva, and iMovie in order to edit and produce professional videos. Further, during the whole summer I was also creating Cavi’s social media presence, which they had not yet developed. I created a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram account for Cavi, redesigned the brand logo, and created content ideas to post on these accounts. Looking back, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished because not only was I an asset to the Cavi team this summer, but I also produced a tangible product that I’m able to look back on and show others.
I also was able to provide my supervisors with insight into the minds of my generation (Gen Z). During many of our meetings, we would discuss who we think will be purchasing this course and how to reach them. Sam and Hassan would often turn to the intern group and ask us directly what we thought was the best course of action in terms of marketing and advertising online, and ask us what types of targetted ads work on us and why. So, I’m confident that having college-age interns was incredibly helpful for them, not only for the general work we were doing, but because they were able to access the thought process and minds of people our age.
All in all, although this internship experience was not necessarily a traditional one with a traditional consulting firm, it did allow me to contribute directly to the final product of Cavi’s course and develop new skills with video editing as well as communication. For that, I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity this summer!