Trust: Key Ingredient to a Successful Team & Company

As previously stated in my other reflections, InSight Telepsychiatry is split into various divisions, such as Inpathy, Scheduled Services, and On Demand. All of these divisions have different jobs based on the kind of consumers they serve. For example, On-Demand is the division that provides evaluations to consumers via telehealth in various situations, such as in an emergency room or a crisis center. Once the initial evaluation is held, the consumer’s case then gets passed along to other division and the providers collaborate on a plan for the individual. This structure of the organization allows for the divisions to work within themselves but also allow crossover when necessary.

In the Inpathy division, the relationships and trust we have with our team members is a big factor in why we are so successful. Every member of our team has a lot on their plates, so there is a lot of trust among us. We each have our assigned tasks and are confident in one another that everything will get accomplished. In the past year or so, Marlene, who is the head of the Inpathy department, has taken on another role. Aside from being our operations manager, she is also one of Inpathy’s providers. Therefore, she not only is doing her job for Inpathy but is also providing services to some of our consumers. As a result, constantly checking in on each member would take a lot of time away from her duties and her patients. All members of our team are also genuinely interested in the lives of each team member, which strengthens our relationships. When relationships are stronger outside of work, it increases our trust levels within the office as well.

When it comes to decisions for the organization as a whole, much of that decision making stays within the highest level of InSight + Regroup. Our executive leadership team, including the CEO, CGO, COO, and CFO, makes important decisions and then our CEO is typically the individual that sends out a companywide email to all the employees. However, the leaders of each division would meet once a week on BlueJeans (which is like Zoom) for a “Town Hall” type meeting to keep everyone informed on updates and accomplishments that occurred that week. When we were able to go into the office, everyone was allowed to listen in on the meetings to be informed on what is going on throughout the company; however, due to the pandemic, these meetings are held on BlueJeans, but only the leaders of the division participate. The executive board trusting the leaders of each division and the team members of each division trusting one another is why this InSight + Regroup is the leading and largest telepsychiatry company in the country.