Theories in Action: Adaptive Leadership

I have spent my internship at Cavi working with primarily one boss/leader – one very adaptive leader. I have noticed very strong adaptive leadership themes within his character as a leader, especially during such uncertain COVID-19/remote internship times. Adaptive leadership is described as “Adaptive leadership a leadership model that was introduced by Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky and is defined as the act of mobilizing a group of individuals to handle tough challenges and emerge triumphant in the end.” My leader has not only guided us through a difficult time of uncertainty, learning, and challenging structure, but done so with us in mind. ). My direct boss communicated through my interviews and has reiterated many times that his main objective for us this summer is to not only get some experience with consulting and small tech startups but develop as young professionals. He personally has offered services in professional development and makes sure to check in on us on a routine basis. He wants us to leave the summer with a mentor, someone to write recommendations, and an adult peer in the field for questions, concerns and understanding. He has certainly gained my trust and confidence through his assurance, openness, and honesty and has already had a great impact on me professionally. He has truly focused our summer on us, what is best of us and our learning, and how we can get the most out of our summer. He has adapted his communication styles, expectations, and missions to us and our needs, individually. He acts as an example of security and certainty within the uncertainty – he speaks with confidence about unsure topics and provides us a sense of security about our summer, the school year, and our careers beyond. I find him tailoring his ‘life lessons’ and mentoring advice to the everchanging world and consulting spheres. I can speak for our entire internship group when I say that this not only reassures us that we will find a job (etc.) and make the most of the changing consulting world. This leader has adapted his expectations to our changing schedules and wants for the internship throughout the summer and most importantly, adapted his methods of pushing us (positively towards growth as business professionals) as well. I have greatly appreciated this.