Reflecting On My Personal Contributions

Reflecting on my past few weeks working with Mahony Dagman, Inc., I feel I have made valuable contributions. In regards to the book selling component of the company, I have extended the collection of PDFs and digital material. I have been converting books, magazines, and publications into PDFs. Then Mohammad and I document the resources for future reference when creating the digital archive as well as a master list when telling clients the material that is available.


In addition to contributing to the expansion of the digital archive, Mohammad has proposed a new idea he has for a project. While the project is still in its embryonic state and confidential, it relates to his business objective of highlighting Syrian history. I have conducted research on various companies and platforms that relate to his project and we have daily discussions on the different aspects. I consistently add my opinions and ideas on what I think we can learn from the existing companies and what we can improve on. While it is exciting to be a part of the beginning stages of the project, sometimes it is hard to find where to contribute without stepping on toes. Mohammad will propose many different ideas that he wants to complete that will contribute to the development of his project, but then will not always follow through. Sometimes I feel I can take on the tasks, but am not always sure if that’s where the initiative needs to be taken.


In regards to the art selling company, I believe I have made effective contributions that are tangibly measured. Maureen and I worked side by side for a few weeks and curated a list of 100+ artists whose art focuses on climate change. I researched 100+ artists by reading their bios, exploring their work, and making decisions on if they should be added. If I thought they were a good fit, I added them to the Google Sheet including their personal information, writing a short description of their work, and adding images. After completing weeks of research, there is already an exhibition in the works from this list we created. Because I worked on the original list, I am familiar with the artists included, allowing me to make more valuable future contributions to curating the exhibition.