Organizational Culture and Dynamics

In my second week of working virtually at my internship, I got a better sense of the company culture. It is a small team and everyone is very welcoming. The OAAA as an organization is constantly creating content and promoting all OOH platforms and advertising. Its definitely a fast-paced environment where there are short deadlines that need to be made. On the marketing team side, we are always advocating campaigns for all out of home advertising and working directly with the legislative team to get positive content out that promotes OOH. During my second week, I got to meet the legislative team and help promote their political ad spending of OOH in 2020. I helped to publish a political ad spending report that laid out the increase in OOH ad spending for the 2020 political campaign. Being the youngest on the team definitely is intimidating but has its advantages because I have a different perspective and opinion than from the older experienced veterans on the team. Despite being the youngest I feel heard and am learning a lot in my experience so far. In addition during the COVID crisis I have helped promote public safety and health campaigns that have gone up throughout OOH. I also had the opportunity to learn about the regulatory side of the company. The OAAA organization as a whole collaborates with many different companies and ad agencies because it is a trade organization that helps members and advocates for them. Everyone in the organization works together and we have daily morning calls/ updates going over the coming projects and events. I am looking forward to be able to get to know more people on team at the OAAA better and work with new people. Not only does the OAAA advocate for their members they also expand their network and collaborate with various organizations that do research for many that is published in many of their reports. I would say overall the company dynamics and culture are all very inclusive and positive. The President and CEO of OAAA is also very inclusive and reaches out to involve me in various activities and webinars