Organizational Skills and Software Tool Experiences Increasing Efficiency

As a result of the influx of consumers in our organization due to the pandemic and social unrest, our team has been very busy. Many people have been suffering from new-onset illnesses, such as anxiety, and are applying for disability. Disability can be various things, such as medical leave from work or applying for an emotional support animal. Before I started my internship, our team has, frankly, been behind in areas like this because there have been so many requests and new patient referrals. As a result, my manager put me responsible for this part of our job. My organizational skills are a big contribution to this aspect of my job because timeliness is very important. In order for a consumer to get disability, there but be various steps taken that if not performed in a timely manner, can severely delay the process. As a result, my contribution is receiving requests, and completing all of the necessary steps in between getting disability approval is crucial. The processing of each request can be a bit time consuming, so it is very helpful for my team so that they can continue to complete their job duties. Because this is one of my main focuses, the process is completed as soon as possible, and consumers can be evaluated for disability in a timely manner.

Since InSight is all based around technology, being an intern, and growing up in a technological world my whole life has been very beneficial to our team. For example, I have different perspectives on different ways to go about projects. Being a major in psychology in addition to leadership, I have a heightened experience with software tools, such a Microsoft Excel, because I regularly have to analyze data. As a result, I am able to complete projects and data analyses fast because of that knowledge. I am also able to share those perspectives with my team members. By making these observations on how to increase efficiency, we are able to complete tasks in a timelier manner which allows each of us to focus more time on our consumers and their needs.