A Concrete and a Not-So Concrete Personal Contribution

I have been working at Cavi Consulting for a few weeks now and have been actively involved in a few projects within the company but would like to push myself to step in further. Most significantly, I have been driving a PowerPoint deck to educate entrepreneurs on the software development process in hopes of creating a sellable course for Cavi clients. My contributions have included adding to the current slide deck and ultimately recreating the entire deck with a more focused audience and vision. I have used my critical thinking skills to tease through the root of the problem and develop a complex, far-reaching solution. My perspective as a computer scientist is unique within the company, as the only one with any kind of school-driven tech background, and has allowed me to provide the technical side to the project. I have needed to step up as a leader on this project, really driving the effort myself and checking in with my boss as needed to bounce ideas and talk through hiccups. I check in almost daily with my supervisor but truly have taken on this project independently, which has been rewarding but challenging. I know that this contribution will stand strong as a component of Cavi’s consulting tools and hopefully be a positive contribution to my portfolio of work as well. As well as this project, I hope to get involved in the marketing side of the consulting practice. I would like to secure this opportunity both to be able to collaborate with my fellow interns on a project and push myself to learn more about an aspect of small businesses that I know little about. I know that my unique non-business background will bring a unique perspective to the team and will push the marketing to be more common user-centered and appealing to a diverse audience. This will hopefully bring more traffic through Cavi’s practice and grow their clientele. It would be really great if I could market the software development course that I create and see my full summer efforts go into fruition. Pushing me to be a better computer scientist, leader, humanitarian, and teammate.