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NFL player brings Idiosyncrasy Credit to Limitless Minds

The organization I work at, Limitless Minds, was co-founded by Russel Wilson (the current Seattle Seahawks quarterback) and his mind coach (the current CEO of Limitless Minds), Trevor Mowad. In addition, Russell’s brother and University of Richmond alum, Harrison Wilson and their friend DJ Eidson were also co-founders who now work at the company. However, because of the high status and success that Russel holds as an NFL player and the same success that Trevor holds as a well renowned mind coach, the two individuals hold a lot of idiosyncrasy credit, which we as an organization use to our advantage.

Russell Wilson is only 5 foot 10 inches and as his older brother (Harrison Wilson)  says he has no business being in the NFL. He was a third round draft pick which is late for a quarterback and is small to be in the NFL, but something set him apart: his mindset. He began to become an advocate for growth mindsets and neutral thinking and his fan’s picked up on this. His mindset set him apart from other athletes and was the extra thing that pushed him to be better than his counterparts. As a company, it helps that our products were successful and are used by a high-profile sports star. Russell Wilson has built idiosyncrasy credit for our mindset training and our keynote mindset speaker, Trevor Moawad, because the effectiveness of our product is shown in his success in the NFL. Fans of the Seattle Seahawks are aware of his success and other fans of sports are knowledgeable as well about how his mindset has set him apart from other athletes. We use this idiosyncrasy credit to our advantage to offer business the same success, and they are curious to see how much it could work and how it could work. 

In addition to the idiosyncrasy credit that our company gains through Russel Wilson’s previous success, a similar credit is gained from our CEO, Trevor Moawad. Trevor is a well known mind coach, who has his own book, consulting company and has effectively trained many athletes to use their minds to a greater capacity to reach their full potential. Limitless Minds is a small start up company, but we are able to use the success that Trevor (and Russell) have had before coming to the company to our advantage.