A Salient Group Identity

During my time at CAIR Coalition, I have observed that this organization has a salient group identity which helps the leaders at CAIR to be effective.  To begin, social identity is defined as the qualities shared by a group that is also part of one’s own self-identity. This common identity helps group members act as one unit and accomplish group goals. Social identity theory also states that leaders who match their social identity with that of the groups’ identity will most likely be favored and picked as the leader of that group. Leaders can choose to hide or exemplify certain qualities depending on the situations and the group’s social identity. In addition, it is important that the leaders strengthen their groups’ identity by leading followers to believe that the group’s interest is in their own self-interest. It is also important that leaders are  a representative of the groups’ identity, or in other words prototypical of the group

I would describe CAIR Coalitions group identity as people who are extremely passionate about social justice and human rights, and more specifically passionate about the rights of migrants. They value empathy, cultural awareness, and most staff can speak more than one language. The very mission of ensuring that equal justice for all migrants ties everyone together and helps everyone work together since they are all working to achieve a common cause. In addition, CAIR Coalition values the importance of mental health and there is a very little stigma about mental health. There is also an emphasis of having a work-life balance for workers.

 My supervisor is very prototypical of the group which makes him an effective leader. He brings the interns and me together under the same cause that what we are doing is helping migrants in the U.S. receive the equal treatment they deserve. My mentioning this common group identity when we work reminds us to always try our best and think of our client’s best interest. In addition, he has much experience in working in the immigration field and he can relate to it as well since he himself is an immigrant. In addition, my supervisor always stresses the importance of taking breaks and self-care. He tells us that we must take care of ourselves before we can take care of each other and this also shows how prototypical he is to the group identity.