A Unique but Welcoming Work Atmosphere

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are some drawbacks to a remote internship. However, over the past four weeks interning at Campbell Soup Company, I have truly gained an understanding of the culture and values of this organization.

The attitudes and expectations at my worksite are that each team member is putting forth their best effort and completing their projects in a timely manner. In addition, there is also an understanding that since we are all remote, there are certain family and home matters that need to be taken care of during the work-day, that cannot be avoided. For example, a team member called in from his car during our weekly huddle, because he had to drive his babysitter home. Although it was not ideal, it was acceptable given that he needed to take care of his family. I also have a running joke with my supervisor, because, during our last 3 check-ins, her doorbell has rung each time, yet she claims that she never gets packages!

There are many ways in which employees at Campbell Soup Company communicate, the most formal being by email. Then there is Microsoft Teams, the platform that we use to video call each other, and instant message. Teams is great because you can see who is active, and who has logged off or been away from their computer and for how long. Campbell also uses Workplace by Facebook, which is essentially a Facebook-style page with every single employee registered on its system. On this platform, people make announcements, post when Campbell is in the news, and share interesting articles. These methods of communication have been really great to utilize during my internship thus far.

I have come to learn and witness that the values at Campbell Soup Company are truly remarkable. Every employee that I have interacted with has expressed a sincere interest in me and has offered advice and inspiration to help me as I continue working. There is a great deal of transparency for employees, especially as Campbell Soup Company continues to produce food for Americans in the midst of a pandemic. With still 8 weeks left of my internship, I am excited to continue working for this company and further understand more about how its values are acted on.