Proposed Leadership Improvements in the Business Development Field

Overall, I have found that the leadership of William Beatson in Three Ventures has been strong.  There are, though, areas that I think could be improved.  I am normally in constant contact with the Supervisor, William Beatson.  This week, though, there has been a delay between my reaching out and him responding.  Previously, we had talked about my task of making a proposal for this new client.  I reached out at the end of last week to see if he wanted me to start working on it, and additionally asking some questions about the client’s information to include in the proposal.  I did not receive a response from him until this week, so I think there could be better communication.  He did explain that the absence of response for a few days was due to an issue he was having with one of his client’s, and apologized for the delay.  Although I did appreciate him walking me through the issue a client was having, and learning the steps he took to solve this issue, I felt as though the communication could have been improved by just letting me know he received my message and would get in touch.

With respect to insights I have gathered about the teamwork at Three Ventures, I have found that it is a very collaborative workspace.  The leadership of the Principal, William Beatson, is very strong and he is always looking for new ways to expand his business and take creative initiative with his clients.  I think that his positive mindset and grit to constantly outreach and generate new clients creates a very motivational environment.  I also appreciate his genuine sense of leading by sticking to his values, and not allowing money to be the guiding force of whether he accepts a client or not.  This week, we had a new celebrity client reach out for consulting help, and after much review, realized that the business they wanted consulting on was not a fit with Three Ventures.  The leadership on the client’s side was almost non-existent, and they were not disclosing necessary information that William Beatson needed in order to decide to take the client or not.  We set up two different phone calls with them after they reached out, both of which the client did not respond to.  Being able to witness and hear first hand the process that William Beatson goes through in order to decide whether he accepts a client is very interesting.  During this process he also asked me for advice, as the business the client wanted help on is geared toward my age-range.  I did not think that the business would be successful after a deep review of their marketing and business strategies, which I shared with my supervisor.  Being able to voice my opinions on these issues has allowed me to feel like an active member of the team at Three Ventures, which I value greatly.