Three Things You Need to Do for a Successful Post

  • Give your post a creative/distinct title. This will make it easier for you to discern when you look at all your posts in Dashboard and it will make it easier to discern one intern’s post from another when looking in the “View Site” view.
  • Type your reflection, which should address the prompt for whatever category you are writing for.  You can type write into the browser BUT IF YOU DO, regularly hit “save draft” in the upper right corner so that you do not lose your thoughts should there be an interruption to the browser. Better to work off-line using whatever word program you choose (Word, Pages, Text Pad, etc.) BUT DO NOT FORMAT your text when working off-line. Add formatting once you cut and paste your thoughts into the browser. See notes about adding video, photos, and documents below.
  • Select a category. There are multiple categories you can choose from and you can pick multiple categories if you want, but there must be at least one selected in order for your post/reflection to appear.