Early Film Exam

Part One: Clip Identification & Explications

(20 points each. 30 minutes.)

For each of the two clips, please do the following:

1) Identify the title and director.

2) Discuss its stylistic features. You should decide what the most prominent stylistic features are and explain how they work. For example, you might consider the film’s mise en scène, editing, narrative structure, etc.

3) Relate those features to the film’s overall style and meaning. How do these features reflect the historical moment in which the film was made or the stylistic movement of which it is a part? How do these features combine to suggest an overall approach to narrative filmmaking?

Part Two: Short Essay

(60 points. 40 minutes)

In response to the prompt, write a mini-essay (approximately 5 paragraphs) in which you make an argument about the material we’ve been studying for the past 4 weeks. Your answer should contain:

  • A discussion of at least three films that we’ve seen thus far in the semester;
  • A reference/explication of at least two of the readings that we’ve read.

The prompt is broad to allow a wide range of responses. Begin with a clear statement of your argument. Be as specific as possible, mentioning scenes or shots in your response. Points are given for answers that are clear, cogently argued, and refer specifically to the scenes and articles under consideration.