Reilly Geritz informs me about the Sustainable Solutions Challenge taking place at UR:

The 1st annual Sustainable Solutions Challenge is an opportunity for students to brainstorm ideas of how to address single-use plastic bottle (SPB) consumption on campus. If you are interested in participating, please make a 2-4 person team and sign up at https://sustainability.richmond.edu/involved/students/sustainability-challenge.html by Wednesday, February 12th. The full-length “case” of information related to SPB consumption on campus, including stakeholder interviews, can also be found at the link above. If your team’s idea is selected, each participant will win $500 and a chance to be part of the implementation next fall. Reach out to Reilly Geritz (Reilly.geritz@richmond.edu) if you have any questions!
This seems like a great opportunity to earn some money thinking about a great cause. Contact Reilly if you want to learn more!
Dr. Cheever