Introduction to Film Studies

Thinking about Film

Early Film Exam

We’re just about finished with our section on early film, so it’s time to start preparing for the early film exam. I’ve provided a description of the format under the “Assignments” tab; please look it over before class and bring any questions that you may have.

What the movies teach us….

Good morning,

A former student — Virginia Sun — brought this article from Manohla Dargis, co-chief film critic for The┬áNew York Times, to my attention. She discusses the ways that Hollywood teaches us; in this case, specifically about gender and the opportunities and limitations placed upon it. I like the article because it suggests that such lessons are not monolithic or easily defined. We learn contradictory things not only across movies but within them. It seems like a good fit with our discussion of Keaton’s Sherlock Jr. today.


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