Written Assignments

All written work must include the pledge and your signature, and is subject to the Honor Code.

Response Papers

(30 points each) Remember to submit your response papers electronically as PDF files. Be sure you receive acknowledgement of receipt by email. You may submit a SIXTH response paper for this class on an approved class reading or WGSS event. I will drop the lowest grade and keep the five top grades for this assignment. 

RP 1: Monday, Jan 29

RP 2: Monday, Feb 5

RP 3: Monday, Feb 12

RP 4: Monday, Mar 5

RP 5: Monday, Apr 9

Research Assignment, Essays, Oral Presentations, and Final Project

All due dates include at 24-hour Grace Period upon requestAny paper turned in beyond this time-frame without prior notice will be penalized a letter grade per day. 

Wednesday, Jan 24: Joan of Arc Bibliography (30 pts)

Wednesday, Feb 28: Essay 1 (15% of final grade)

Friday, March 23: Proposal and Annotated Bibliography, Oral Report on 3/26
(15% of final grade)

Monday, April 16th: Essay 2 (20% of final grade)

Wednesday, May 2: Final Paper (draft due 4/20) & Class Presentation (plus Speech Center visit)
(25% of final grade)