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Class Overview

The parts of this course that were related to biology, I found interesting, but unfortunately biology is not my strong suit. I enjoyed the conversations we had about injury prevention and the biopyschosocial model, whereas I struggled more with the … Continue reading

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Ebony and Olbirsch

The talk in class on Monday wasn’t too interesting to me because I’m not super interested in going into a health psychology profession. I thought it was really cool that Olbirsch had a lot of different experiences and held various … Continue reading

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Chapter 14 & 15

I thought one of the most interesting ideas of Chapter 14 was about depression not being the cause of bad health, but a symptom of the dangerous lifestyle they were living. As someone who suffered from depression due to a … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 & 13

Chapter 12 was interesting to me because I’ve always been interested in whether or not an introvert or an extrovert would have a better quality of life. This chapter was similar to that because it was discussing the concept of … Continue reading

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Chapter 10 & 11

Chapter 10 discusses stress and satisfaction in regards to one’s career. What the Terman Project showed is, in conjunction with other personality factors, individuals who had satisfaction and success in their line of career, no matter how much stress came … Continue reading

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Chapter 8 & 9

I was not surprised by most of the details of Chapter 8. It discussed how finding hobbies to stay active in more important than simply training for a marathon. This continues to play into the theme of the individualization in … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 & 7

Chapter 6 was definitely uplifting for me to read because I was a child whose parents decided to wait until I was older to enter Pre-K. Two of my best friends in high school were the two youngest in our … Continue reading

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Chapter 4-5

These two chapters were especially interesting to me because I used to be someone who was very pessimistic and would look at the bad in life, but I’ve grown to be a cautiously optimistic person. Chapter 4, in its discussion … Continue reading

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Introduction & Chapter 1

I can already tell this book will be an interesting one filled with conversations about how modern medicine is not all that it’s cracked up to be simply because of the lack of emphasis on the individual. There are a … Continue reading

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Chapter 2-3

These two chapters focused on how conscientiousness is the best predictor of longevity, not sociability. There were 3 reasons behind this: conscientious people are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, are less prone to diseases, and set themselves up … Continue reading

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