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Class Overview

I found the information presented pretty interesting. I am currently going through Bio 200 and Organic chemistry, so these classes were all intertwined. I never really thought specifically of the biopsychosical model, but after this semester it all seems to … Continue reading

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Careers in Health Psychology

I found the career talk interesting, because I looked at it from a little bit of a different perspective. My mother works in the clinical side of psychology and has opened up her own practice for mental health. She started … Continue reading

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Heather Gardiner talk

Heather Gardiner discussed the issues of using BMI to determine eligibility for a kidney transplant. There are many issues using BMI, as it does not take into account muscle mass. As well as, does not take into account gender and … Continue reading

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Chapter 14 and 15

Chapter 14 discusses the effects of war and stress on longevity. War is a very stressful and traumatic situation to be a part of. The results of the Terman study prove that war and traumatic events equivalent to war can … Continue reading

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Chapters 12 and 13

Chapter 12 discusses the relationship between social connections/support and longevity of life. Social support was broken down into three main categories: size of social network, willingness to help others and support of friends, and lastly feelings that friends are there … Continue reading

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Chapters 8 and 9

In chapters 8, the authors discuss how fitness effects health. Unsurprisingly, they found that physical fitness positively affects health by lowering many the likelihood of many chronic diseases. What was surprising, however, was that the individuals have different levels of … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 and 7

I think it’s safe to say that every parents wants their children to live long, healthy lives. Chapters 6 and 7 discuss how the decisions made by parents can have lasting effects on the longevity of their children’s lives. Chapter … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 and 5

Chapter 4 mainly discussed the relationship between happiness and longevity. Surprisingly, the authors found that individuals who were more optimistic tended to live shorter lives. However, children that grew up in a more serious manner lived longer healthier lives. I … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 summaries

In Chapter 2, Friedman and Martin discussed how conscientiousness plays a part in longevity of life. After reviewing the research of Terman, the authors discovered a correlation between conscientiousness and length of life. Individuals who were higher in┬áconscientiousness were less … Continue reading

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Introduction and Chapter 1 review

Most people wish to live a long and healthy life. Through the introduction and first chapter of the book, the authors believe they have fond the signs of what leads to a longer, healthier life. They use the data collected … Continue reading

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