Lat/Long Resources

Here are some helpful videos to review the concept of Latitude and Longitude. In these videos you will learn more about projections, datums , and coordinate systems. Review these if you are struggling with these concepts at all, as they are the fundamentals of all spatial data and analysis.


Map Projections and the Earth (3 min)

Map Projections, Latitude, and Longitude (Stop at 7:45)

Map Projections and GIS (1 min)

Map Projections: A Video Lecture (8.5 min)

A Simple Explanation of Datum (2 min)

Geographic Coordinate System (8 min)

Projected Coordinate System (10 min)

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Taylor’s Interest in This Class

Hi All! I am the GIS Technician in the Spatial Analysis Lab (SAL). My job is to support all the courses and research being conducted in an in conjunction with the SAL. While I get to do quite a bit of analysis in my job, I also have to keep all the wheels moving with back end data management and organizational efforts. That means I don’t always get to do all the fun exciting mapping projects that I and others think up! I’m excited for this course to give me more time to work on visualizations and online mapping presentations.

Last semester I played around with Carto DB for the first time and really enjoyed it. However, I quickly realized there are many ways to customize the applications and I did not have enough time to teach myself. I am looking forward to gaining more experience working with this program that will translate into other mapping alternatives as well. I have used ArcGIS Online quite extensively, but not spent nearly the amount of time on the style/visualization aspects as on the back end data management side. I think this class and the assignments for it will help me sit down and spend time thinking about what looks nice, what can I change/alter, and why do I want to display data in this way? Since I am often so busy juggling multiple projects in my position I don’t focus on the striking final products. I think this class will help me round out and practice my skills even more!


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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