UR Blogs is many things:

a blogging platform, a professional website publishing tool, and/or content management system. Services are provided to both faculty and students and is supported by the liaisons at the Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology.

Creating a Site with UR Blogs

To request a blog/site, click here.

A liaison will create the blog/site within 24 hours. You will receive an email when your site is ready.

If you are familiar with building within WordPress, have fun! Otherwise, read more about the WordPress dashboard here, or contact your CTLT liaison for help.

Different Blogging Models for Education

Faculty who want to use UR Blogs as part of their learning environment have several options, including:

  • The portfolio model, in which individual students or small groups maintain separate sites for their work. These portfolios can be bookmarked on, or configured to publish content to, a central hub established and organized by the faculty member. This approach allows students to have greater control over the organization and display of their own work, while also making it easy for the faculty member (and other students in the course) to review the work of the class as whole.
  • A centralized model, in which all students publish their work directly onto a shared site established and organized by the faculty member. Students have less control over how their work is displayed, but this approach requires less setup, while also making it easier to build community and handle privacy concerns.

Faculty, students, and staff who wish to use UR Blogs for independent projects, eportfolios, etc may also create individual, standalone sites. For more information, please contact your CTLT liaison.


Faculty who need support with a site or blog, please contact your CTLT liaison.

Students who need help importing media or just general help creating a blog post are encouraged to make an appointment with the TLC staff.

Featured Blogs

Current Course Blogs

This table lists UR Blogs in use for the current semester (Spring 2018). For blogs used in previous semesters, visit the Previous Semester Course Blogs list.

Trauma Informed CareEducation598Laursen
Action Research IIEducation681Laursen
Introduction to Film StudiesEnglish220Cheever
Introduction to Film StudiesFilm Studies220Cheever
Mappenstance. (The Rhetorical Lives of Maps)First-Year Seminar100Barney
Detectives in Fiction and FilmFirst-Year Seminar100Cheever
Geographic Dimensions of Human DevelopmentGeography210Salisbury
Geographies of AmazoniaGeography333Salisbury
Joan of Arc & Marie AntoinetteHistory199Watts
The French Revolution and Napoleonic ErasHistory239Watts
The Ottoman Great WarHistory199Yanikdag
Walking RichmondJournalism370Belt
Intellectual Property Law and PolicyLaw655Cotropia
Section A PropertyLaw516Cotropia
Jepson InternshipLeadership StudiesSoderlund
Jepson Honors TutorialLeadership Studies399Bezio
Money and Constitutional Crisis in Britain and America, 1600-1850Leadership Studies390Caden
Operations Management, Section 5Management340Youngblood
Operations Management, Section 3Management340Youngblood
America's Music and MediaMusic122Love
Introduction to American GovernmentPolitical Science220McGowen
Money, Politics, and PrisonPolitical Science323Simpson
The Longevity Project ReflectionsPsychology329Nonterah
Race, Ethnicity, Culture and HealthPsychology449Nonterah
Production, Race, and StyleRhetoric and Communication Studies412Hageman
Rhetoric & Terrorism, Section 1Rhetoric and Communication Studies490-01Achter
Rhetoric & Terrorism, Section 2Rhetoric and Communication Studies490-02Achter