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Current Course Sites

This table lists course sites in use on UR Blogs for the current semester (Spring 2020). For course sites used prior to this semester, visit the Past Course Sites list.

Introduction to American StudiesAmerican Studies201Maurantonio
Business & Professional WritingEnglish598Hocutt
The French Revolution and NapoleonHistory239Watts
Property, Section CLaw516Cotropia
Intellectual Property FundamentalsLaw641Cotropia
Critical Thinking, Section 01Leadership Studies250-01Bezio
Critical Thinking, Section 02Leadership Studies250-02Bezio
Gender, Politics, and PrisonsPoliitcal Science379Simpson
AutoethnographyPolitical Science379Simpson
Streets, Spaces, & StructuresRhetoric and Communications Studies412Maurantonio
Gender, Politics, and PrisonsWomen, Gender, and Sexuality Studies379Simpson