Project Proposal

I aim to map the variance in life expectancies throughout Richmond. One map that I will use for reference titled “Short Distances to Large Gaps in Health” highlights how within a five-mile distance in Richmond the difference in life expectancy is twenty years, on par with the life expectancy in Haiti. I hope to reach Richmond students to open their eyes to life so close to us, outside of campus, and how greatly the health of these people can vary. I plan to make the map more impactful through changing the layout, colors, and information. This map will be a vital tool to raise public awareness about the various factors that can affect the public’s health. This map will also highlight the disparity in health between neighborhoods due to many factors, not just health care, and will hopefully raise understanding and awareness to take steps to change the gap in health and life expectancy within Richmond.  Below shows one of the current maps on this important topic, in addition to a link in the New York Times about the astounding difference in life spans.


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