Dr. Martens: For the Rebellious Consumer

Dr. Martens is an iconic and historic brand that was created as a solution to a common crisis. The Griggs family shoe company combined their reputable industrial boot design with the innovative technology of Dr. Klaus Maerten’s patented Airwair Sole in order to produce the ultimate work boot. As the brand gained international attention, it began to attract the attention of rebels and non-conformists across the globe, who were sparking cultural and social revolution in during 60s. Today, Dr. Martens maintains it’s unique image and consumer demographic, but faces the challenges of a globalized market. In order to remain competitive, they have been forced to stray from their traditional production methods, which has resulted in new challenges. Remaining conscious of their brand’s primary values, the company has taken measures to consider the effects of their human-environment interaction. They have also utilized the passion of their rebellious consumers to practice pragmatic solidarity in order to address the violence that comes with outsourced, mechanized mass production. My story map follows this historic company through it’s transition into the globalized market.

Here’s my story map!