Welcome to the website for Geographic Dimensions of Human Development (GEOG/IS 210) with Professor Mary Finley-Brook at the University of Richmond.

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Learning Objectives

  • Increase awareness of global connections and diverse cultural geographies
  • Encourage familiarity with geographic concepts (e.g., mobility, connectivity, nature-culture interaction, landscape)
  • Conduct mapping and spatial analysis
  • Bridge social and ecological analysis
  • Understand and promote sustainability (perspectives, planning, and action)
  • Experience hands-on and project-based learning with community and campus partners


After a pivotal experience with a waste audit, we have completed sustainability analysis in six group projects addressing campus as a living laboratory. Don’t miss the brief, eye-opening food waste video (57 sec.) made by I. Gomez-Torres.

Waste Audit, October 2015Waste Audit

 To see other projects,  look under the Assignment tab.