The ‘UGGly’ Truth in UGG Boots

The term ‘UGG boot’ has come to refer to a specific kind of boot known for its comfort, warmth and unique appearance. Over the past two decades, UGG boots have exponentially grown in consumption, popular among all age groups and genders. By collaborating with celebrities and models alike, UGG has attracted media attention focusing on the way in which comfort and fashion can be achieved. However, UGG fails to address the materials used to produce this brand. UGG boots are manufactured from sheepskin, a raw material derived from a Merino sheep that have been killed and skinned. The industry of sheep farming is wrought with violence based upon the excessive and continuous abuse of sheep. An analysis of the globalized UGG production line will directly illustrate the ‘UGGly’ implications of the uses of sheepskin in UGG boots.   View my StoryMap