Update From the Faculty Hub

Dear Colleagues,

This is another update from the Faculty Hub. We want to continue to inform you about opportunities for faculty development this summer.

Our second summer course, Responsive and Flexible Teaching, is in its final week of delivery. It is not too late to join us!  To gain access to the course, administered through the University’s Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard Learn (Bb), simply email us at facultyhub@richmond.edu.  On the course site, you will find readings, videos, demonstrations, assignments, and tools to assist your fall term course preparation. Completed synchronous sessions are recorded and posted for each module.

This week’s live, synchronous sessions are noted below.

Office Hours for Content Production, Curation, and Organization

*   Date/Time: Monday, July 27, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

*   Zoom URL: https://urichmond.zoom.us/j/97833272779?pwd=amNYMXlvbmtqc01Ub09MNys3WCtsdz09

*   Description: Bring your questions! Hub staff will provide clarification on module 5 contents and feedback on your course content that is in production (no matter how early) or finished. You are also welcome to attend with “early” questions or to learn from the questions and replies to other faculty.

Planning for the Beginning

*   Date/Time: Wednesday, July 29, 1 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

*   Zoom URL: https://urichmond.zoom.us/j/98554042012?pwd=N0NMRFZsUDZZMk50QXgrb1dhSUh1QT09

*   Description:  Welcome to Fall 2020!  How do we approach the first day or first week of class in order to build a student-centered and engaging foundation for the uncertain semester ahead?  In this session, we will discuss strategies to get your course off to a great start, despite the uncertainties, masks, and distancing. We’ll look at ways you can help your students and some ways that you, the instructor, can gain confidence and support for the semester ahead.

Facilitating Meaningful Learning with Asynchronous Online Discussion

*   Date/Time: Thursday, July 30, 10 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

*   Zoom URL: https://urichmond.zoom.us/j/98776587683?pwd=cStDNTBlMkNqUXpvSVVxMXRYK242QT09

*   Description: How do we create opportunities for students to participate in meaningful online discussion in our courses? What are some creative ways to structure these conversations, and how can we as instructors help students stay engaged? In this session, we will discuss strategies for designing, facilitating, and assessing asynchronous online discussions.

Additional Support in August 2020

The Faculty Hub’s summer courses will continue to be available for self-directed learning by instructors preparing for fall term teaching in all modes of instruction.

We suggest that instructors complete a course in sequence, but you are also welcome to jump into individual modules that you feel are most important to your preparation. If you need advice on where to jump in, given your circumstances and time constraints, please email the Faculty Hub for assistance. We will help you determine an efficient approach for your preparations.

Another course available to all instructors:

A final just-in-time offering of another course on Hybrid/Online Teaching is being facilitated by John Zinn in SPCS and all instructors are invited to participate. Among other positives, this course provides great examples and modeling of how to use asynchronous discussion boards with your students and how to use assessment tools and rubrics. The “SPCS Hybrid/Online Teaching Professional Development Course” begins August 3 and ends on August 23. Register online at this link: https://richmond.radiusbycampusmgmt.com/ssc/eform/B0SC0pBaB00kx6708Go.ssc

This is a three-week, asynchronous faculty development course designed to support online and hybrid/blended teaching. Beginning with the end in mind, faculty will review the course development process, focusing on desired learning outcomes. Teaching best practices will be considered, emphasizing the creation of an active and engaging learning community.

Topics will include:

*   eLearning Theory

*   Diversified Instruction

*   Leveraging Blackboard Tools

*   Assessments and Rubrics

*   Student Engagement (Discussions, Asynchronous and Synchronous Lectures, Zoom, Feedback)

Many instructors will need training on new classroom technology, supported by Information Services (IS). Please refer to SpiderTechNet for more information on the new classroom technology:


And to register for classroom training:


To help instructors use new technology effectively in blended teaching modes, the Faculty Hub will develop pedagogy-driven training videos for hybrid/blended teaching. Our approach is to lead with pedagogy and find ways to best implement the approach with the technology present in the room. We will work on several common scenarios anticipated for the blended classroom environment: facilitating classroom discussion, lecturing with Q&A, and drawing or writing on a device or the classroom whiteboard.

The Faculty Hub continues to engage with faculty via email, Zoom meetings, Slack, and phone calls (personal cell phones). To schedule an individual consultation, please email a member of the Faculty Hub or use our group address, facultyhub@richmond.edu and we will route your request to the appropriate person.

Please note that the Faculty Hub will be closed for correspondence on Friday, July 31 (University Holiday) and Friday, August 7 (Faculty Hub team planning for fall).

We hope this information is useful to you.

Best wishes,


Linda M. Boland, Ph.D.

Director, Teaching and Scholarship Hub