Faculty Hub Course on Responsive and Flexible Teaching

The Faculty Hub invites all course instructors to participate in Responsive and Flexible Teaching, a three-week online course that mimics a highly flexible course delivery where faculty experience this from a student’s perspective. This online course will be led by the Faculty Hub and will include sessions with several online learning experts. All synchronous sessions are in Zoom and links will be provided within the Blackboard course. 

We have designed the course as a series of six aligned but independent online learning modules so as to provide multiple avenues for faculty to engage with course materials. Participants may choose to complete all six modules, or they may select the ones that most interest them. Additional information is below. Please click here to register. 

Course dates: This will run from July 13-30, and materials will be available throughout the fall for additional learning or review. 

Time Commitment: We have designed this course to meet the varied needs of faculty from across our campus. We encourage participants to spend as much time in this course as their schedule allows or is appropriate given their level of experience with online teaching.  

Cohort size: Unlimited; synchronous sessions in Zoom have a capacity of 300. 

Course modules are under development and will be added to the Blackboard site on the dates noted. 


Available Beginning July 10 

Module 1: Online Essentials  

Online courses are often characterized by a feeling of disconnect for both students and faculty. Learn about practical strategies to foster interactions, build community, and promote student learningInstructors will also generate a course learning objective that can be workshopped through subsequent modules on assessment, learning activities, and development of course materials  

This module features two synchronous sessions with online learning expert, Dr. Flower Darby, author of Small Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes. 

  • Fostering Connections and Community in Online Classes on July 14 from 10-11 a.m. 
  • Practical Strategies for Teaching Online During COVID-19 on July 15 from 10-11 a.m. 

 Module 2: Helping Students  

Many of our students have limited experience with online learningIn this module, instructors will learn how to apply cognitive science principles to help students meet the challenges of learning in an online environmentWe will identify opportunities and practical strategies to support our students. 

This module features two synchronous sessions with online learning expert, Dr. Claire Major, author of Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research, and Practice 

  • Helping Students Learn…Online on July 16 from 10-11:30 a.m. 
  • Helping Students Learn to Learn…Online on July 17 from 1:00-2:30 p.m. 


 Available Beginning July 17 

Module 3: Assessment  

Gain experience with tools and technology to design assessments that align with student learning objectives and learn about ways to use community-building and assessment design to foster academic integrity. This module will feature two synchronous sessions with members of the Faculty Hub. Times TBA. 

Module 4: Learning Activities  

Gain experience with tools and technology that enable interactive and collaborative learning activities that align with student learning objectives. This module includes two synchronous sessions with members of the Faculty Hub on July 22 (10-11:15 a.m.) and July 24 (10-11:15 a.m.) as well as a synchronous workshop on July 23 (11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) co-hosted by Dr. Carol Ann Downes from Hendrix College and Dr. Andrew Bell from the Faculty Hub.  


Available Beginning July 24 

Module 5: Producing, Curating, and Organizing Content  

Gain experience with a variety of strategies for producing, curating, and organizing course material using institutionally supported online platforms such as Blackboard, Box, Panopto, and Zoom. Includes two synchronous sessions: a faculty panel about organizing content in Blackboard, and a session to ask questions and get feedback about content production techniques. Times TBA. 

Module 6: Facilitating Online Learning  

Reflect on your engagement as an online learner within this course and identify practical strategies to facilitate student learning in your online or blended courseThis module includes two synchronous sessions with members of the Faculty Hub and will help build community among faculty colleagues for discussion of teaching strategies. Times TBA.