Arrested Development: “I’m Disillusioned With Obama”

Speech from Arrested Development:

Honestly, I’m disillusioned with, generally, politics. And I feel disillusioned with some things that Obama has done, especially with the wars. At the same time, I like him. I’ve met him and I like him as a person.


I’ve really been refreshed by Ron Paul. That’s probably been my favorite candidate lately.

Really, Ron Paul? I wonder if Speech has had a chance to read any of Paul’s old newsletters…

Blue Scholars – “Hussein”

Here’s a track by Blue Scholars, a Seattle-based group that doesn’t get a lot of mainstream attention but definitely should.  While many rappers have embraced President Obama, others have questioned his ability (or willingness) to effect real change.  “Hussein” gives voice to the frustration among some rappers that just a few people in the U.S. seem to be getting ahead–at the expense of many others who are “scrapin’ resin out a pipe dream.”

And just to establish the credibility of Blue Scholars, I am including a link to one of my favorite songs of theirs, “Bruise Brothers,” off their 2004 album Blue Scholars.  Here’s where exceptional lyricism and a good beat come together to make what rap should be.  (Song starts 7 seconds in)