Sam Bottum ’20 – Sam is now working additions of silylnitriles to aldehydes.

Grant Dixon ’20 – Grant can do TMSOTf-mediated aldol reactions that result in styrene products.

Kevin Kim ’20 – Kevin does a series of TMSOTf-promoted reactions of acylated oxazolidinones.

Dani Sklar ’20 – Dani cyclizes 3-silylated propargyl propionates in the presence of ketones and TMSOTf to yield 2-methylfurans.

Claire Fuller ’21 – Claire investigates the addition of indoles to aziridines through catalysis by TMSOTf.

Grace Ann Robertson ’21 – Grace Ann studies the addition of acetonitrile to nitrones and acetals, a process mediated by TMSOTf and an amine base.

Hanyu “Ivy” Zhong ’21 – Ivy investigates the TMSOTf-mediated one-pot enol silane formation-alkylation reactions of ketones with allyl propionates.

Ryan Kern ’22 – Ryan studies the Friedel–Crafts additions of indoles to nitrones.