The opportunity for undergraduates to do scientific research early in their careers sets the University of Richmond apart from almost every other school in the nation.  A representative from Research Corporation said that UR was “one of the five best, if not the best, undergraduate research institutions in the nation.”  Our publication rate, funding rate, and internal support are all top notch, and we in the Downey group are proud to be part of such a vigorous community.

If you are an undergraduate interested in research in the Downey group, check out the description of what we do at this link.  If you’re still interested, then please email me for an interview.  We’ll talk about the general philosophy of the group and some sample projects that are underway.  I’ll also ask you to talk to a few other professors just to make sure you’ve kept an open mind.

To hear me babble about what it’s like to do research in my group, you can listen to this podcast put together by Lucretia McCulley, University Librarian: