Week 5: This week

Hello, Scholars!

I hope your week is off to a good start. First, if you haven’t already, please complete your entries for the Weinstein Hall inventory that we began in class on Thursday. This will be an important trial run for us to work out any issues with the spreadsheets. Please use the link I provided last week to the Google spreadsheet.

For tomorrow’s class (9/25), please make sure you’ve read/watched the following:

Murphy, Michael. “Architecture That’s Built to Heal.” February 2016. [Approx. 16 mins]

Svokos, Alexandra. “Why Are College Buildings Still Named After White Supremacists?” Huffington Post. (September 8, 2015).

Moore, Dasia. “When Does Renaming a Building Make Sense?” The Nation. (February 17, 2017).

Focus: Confronting History on CampusThe Chronicle of Higher Education, 2016, 12-27.

For Thursday (9/27), you will need to read the Finnegan and Carter articles. (see the Readings tab)

Remember: no written assignments are due this week.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Week 4: A little off schedule

Greetings, Scholars!

Due to last week’s cancelations due to the hurricane threat, we are a little off schedule. Fear not! Adjustments will be made. For now, please remember:

  • For Tuesday, (9/18), Dr. Rob Nelson, director of the Digital Scholarship Lab at UR, will be joining us. Please make sure you’ve read the “Prologue” from Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning along with the selections from Smith’s Managing White Supremacy. Of course, also review the link to “Mapping Inequality.”
  • For Thursday (9/20), Short Writing Assignment 2 will be due before 12 PM. By class time, you also should have read the linked selections from the Alleys’ University of Richmond and Slipek’s essay on architecture at UR.

More updates to come, but in the meantime, stay safe and dry!

I’ll see you Tuesday.

Week 3: Updates & Announcements

Greetings, Scholars!

As we head into week 3 of Digital Memory & the Archive, I have a few brief announcements:

  1. If you have not already, do not forget to complete the online quiz based on the Campbell reading as well as the selection on the history of the race construct. The quiz is accessible on Blackboard and must be completed before Tuesday’s class.
  2. This Thursday there will be a symposium celebrating the life and contributions of Reverend Wyatt Tee Walker. If you can make it, this is an event not to be missed. The symposium takes place between 2 and 7:15 PM in Jepson Alumni Center, however there are several component parts, including a preview of the collection, a panel discussion, and keynote address by Dr. Joseph Evans. Any part of the symposium would be an excellent and relevant event to discuss for your Campus-City Participation Assignment.
  3. Grades have posted for Short Writing Assignment 1. Please review my feedback and let me know if you have any questions.

Looking forward to class this week!

Week 2: Readings & Assignments

Dear Scholars,

Welcome to week 2 of Digital Memory & the Archive!

This week we have several readings (check here for readings and due dates), as well as your first Short Writing Assignment due Tuesday, September 4 by class time. Please remember to upload your assignment to Blackboard. No hard copy or late assignments will be accepted.

In preparation for Tuesday’s class, please also make sure you’ve read the brief article on “the devil’s advocate.” It is linked with the other two readings assigned for tomorrow.

Looking forward to discussing with you this week!
Dr. Maurantonio