Welcome to Digital Memory & the Archive

Welcome to Digital Memory & the Archive!

This is the blog of “Digital Memory & the Archive” (Fall 2018), a joint American Studies and Rhetoric & Communication Studies seminar offered at the University of Richmond. The course is taught by Dr. Nicole Maurantonio. Below is the course description, as listed in the University of Richmond catalogue:

How do we move studies of the past into the digital realm? Throughout the semester, students will grapple with fundamental curatorial questions necessary to build an archive – a dynamic space for the preservation, storage, and accessing of historic artifacts. Complicating notions of the “archive” as a natural and transparent space, students will contribute to and reflect on the creation of entries for the Race and Racism at the University of Richmond Project digital archive and blog.

The Race and Racism at the University of Richmond Project takes as its mission the documentation, preservation, and analysis of texts illuminating dimensions of the University of Richmond’s racial history. This course will help grow the University’s collection of materials.

If you have questions about the course or the project, please contact Nicole Maurantonio, nmaurant@richmond.edu.