Implicit Test Result

For the implicit bias test, I chose the random topic assignment, and the assigned test assessed my bias between Christianity and Islam using a grouping method with “good” and “bad” words.  My result was “no automatic preference between Islam and Christianity”.  I thought this was interesting because I answered incorrectly for both Islam and Christianity a couple times, but the results revealed it is based on the time it took for me to make a connection between Christianity with “good” words or whichever.  Although my results weren’t that interesting, I thought it was interesting that following the grouping assessment they asked for the postal code that I have lived in for most of my life (I don’t know if they asked that for every test?).  I just thought that was a unique way to collect data and understand possible biases by geography.

1 thought on “Implicit Test Result

  1. Marisa Daugherty

    They did ask for that fore every test and I would be curious to know if your responses to questions like that and your political affiliation affect your results at all. I would be curious to know if there’s a connection between where you grow up and some of these implicit associations.

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