Event: Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor

Earlier this semester, I attending the University’s talk where they brought in a survivor of the VA Tech shooting to talk about her experience as well as school safety and prevention of another school shooting.  She was in the building where the shooter attacked and was shot 3 ltimes.  She  ended up playing dead in the back of the classroom in order to survive while most of her classmates where killed.  She has since been dedicated to teaching people how to survive in a similar scenario as well as educated schools and law enforcement on how to create a plan of action when these events happen.

She talked a lot about how the building she was in had very few entrance points making it easy for the shooter to barricade himself into the building and harder for law enforcement to get inside once the shooting started.  Additionally, a UR police officer spoke to tell us about emergency resources on our own campus in order to help in an active shooter scenario.  Overall, our campus seems very prepared for the unlikely event that this would happen but one thing I learned is that you can never be fully prepared for a tragedy such as the VA Tech shooting.