The Beyond Categories Lab senior researchers presented on their theses and honors projects at the annual Arts & Sciences Symposium. We look forward to witnessing their post-grad successes! See the presenters and their poster titles below:

An Evaluation of the Other Race Effect through the Attentional Blink. Sophie Hardten, Chloe Steckart, Olivia Stibolt, Cindy Bukach.

Other Race Faces Look the Same: Is Motivation Enough to Reduce This Effect? Brianna Charlton, Cindy Bukach.

Facing the Facts: Is the Structural Encoding of Faces Influenced by Autistic Traits? An N170 Study. Cam Smith, Brianna Charlton, Jasmin Rubiera, Cindy Bukach.

Error Monitoring & Clinical Perfectionism: Relation of Neural Processing to Two Proposed Dimensions of a Standardized Assessment. Claire McLam, Cindy Bukach.